Having car insurance is a legal requirement to be able to drive a vehicle. It is also an obligation to protect you and the other drivers on the road. It protects you from financial ruin. Import car owners face special challenges because of the vehicles they own. Just as it sounds, import cars are imported from another country. Imported cars have foreign manufacturers and foreign parts. If an imported car were to be damaged it would be harder to find quality people and parts to work on the car. When shopping for import car insurance ask the agent the following questions to help ensure you are getting a good policy:

  • Can you guarantee the workmanship of life should there be an accident repair necessary?
  • Can you guarantee the parts are going to be the same brand of car and not a “comparable” brand?
  • Can you provide a large network of local shops that can perform work on my car should the need arise?
  • Are the adjusters local?
  • Do the adjusters provide personal service?
  • Are the adjusters trained in the intricacies and expenses of imported cars?
  • If my car is totaled how is the amount paid to be calculated?
  • Does your company specialize in imported cars?

Obtain several quotes and answer the above questions with several different companies. Research them on the internet and get a feel for their reputation. Then make your decision about the best company to use for your import car insurance.


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