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Stop paying too much!

Just because you drive a sports car doesn’t mean you have to pay huge auto insurance premiums. Keep reading to learn many tricks I’ve learned over the years to help save that hard earned money.

Shop Around:

First thing’s first. Always shop around when beginning to look for insurance agents. There are numerous insurance agents available whether you search locally or online. Never settle for the first insurance agent you talk to. I suggest that you gather insurance quotes from at least three insurance agents before making any commitments.

Anti-theft Devices:

Next, let’s talk about anti-theft devices Everyone who owns a sports car knows how much extra attention it gets when driving. However, your sports car may be susceptible to unwanted attention from thieves when you are away. So be safe by installing an anti-theft device on your sports car and your insurance company will more than likely give you a discount.

Drivers Education:

An educated driver is a safer driver. And auto insurance companies will usually give you a discount for participating and passing an educated driving course.

Combine your Policies:

Insurance companies will usually offer a deep discount to those who choose to keep both their home owners/renters insurance and automobile insurance at the same place. This is a definite bonus when searching for ways to keep your sports car insurance premiums low. And in the long run, you could possibly save bonus dollars on your home owner’s/renter’s insurance also.

Safety First:

We all know sports cars go fast. And so does your insurance agent! So make sure you discuss all your sports car’s safety features with your insurance agents when signing up for coverage. In most states, insurance agents will give a 10% discount for cars that are factory installed with an anti-lock braking system. Another 30% savings to those sports cars that come equipped with airbags and automatic seatbelts.


Image result for Cheap Car Insurance For the Under 25s



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